Most Beautiful Closet ever

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


There are closets and there’s Suzanne Rogers Closet. This Toronto based philanthropist and fashion enthusiast is the owner of the most impeccable, chic, uber posh and elegant dressing room I’ve ever seen! God! it is insanely gorgeous. I think it’s the best way to conclude the topic begun yesterday. So without further ado, I’ll leave you with a glorious Decó jewel to fall in love with.

Hay closets y aparte está el Closet de Suzanne Rogers. Esta filántropa, entusiasta fashionista de base en Toronto, es la propietaria del vestidor más impecable, chic, uber posh y elegante que he visto! Dios! Es enfermizamente precioso! Creo que es la mejor manera de concluir la temática comenzada ayer. Así que sin más preámbulos, los dejo con esta gloriosa joya Decó de la que se van a enamorar.


<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>I love traditional old world French design in furniture and architecture, it is time-less, elegant and oh so very feminine. I am always inspired by the Ritz in Paris.  <br /></span><span class='fancyPhotoName'></span>

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>I keep only one or two seasons in my present closet, the rest is put away and stored. I label all boxes with a photo and try to color coordinate everything; I am a neat freak. Spring/Summer is my favorite season, my closet becomes full of color and my clothes seem to come to life! The other half of my closet is all black…easy dressing!<br /></span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>All, Various Designers</span>


<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>I have personal relationships with many designers and am fortunate to have access to rare and special pieces that are offered to me as one offs or by special order. I love color!<br /></span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>Shoes, Various Designers</span>


<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>Loved these rock and roll jackets. They are so tough yet so feminine with the crystal bows and crystal details. I love how Balmain does that balance of rocker chic. </span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>Jackets, Balmain</span>

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'></span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>Shoes, Manolo Blahnik; Bag, Chanel</span>#inline_05

<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>Mary Katrantzou is my ultimate new favorite designer – I go crazy for her beautiful original prints; ultimate chic, such detail.  I could never get bored of Mary being a staple in my closet! Some of these were custom done for me by her, I’m very lucky.</span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>Dresses, Mary Katrantzou; Necklaces, Lanivin</span>#inline_14




<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>This is a Dolce & Gabbana demi-couture dress from Fall 2010; only one was made for the US. I love Giambattista Valli for Gamme Rouge, great fashion pieces for grey Canadian winters.<br /></span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>Dress, Dolce & Gabbana; Jacket, Giambattista Valli x Moncler Gamme Rouge </span>#inline_03

This is like waking up at the Ritz in Paris. Too much Rococó finesse, satin romanticism and Debussy melodies.

Esto es como despertarse en el Ritz de Paris. Demasiada delicadeza Rococó, romanticismo de satén y melodías de Debussy.


<span class='fancyPhotoDesc'>I love the structure in the Chanel handbags and the vast shapes and styles that are collectibles from season to season. These bags will always have a place in my closet!<br /></span><span class='fancyPhotoName'>All, Chanel</span>


Tea and Macaroons anyone?




Credits: The Coveteur. Ladurée.


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  1. Agreed - this closet is the most AMAZING closet from the pink Chanels to the pink McQueen knuckle duster clutch and Birkin! Just wow!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. Maca que preciosidad.Me eh traumadoo es una belleza total.!! =) Los zapatos y la organización que hermosoo en verdad =) Saluditos mujer te mando un abrazo enorme

  3. I think she may have taken the posh dressing room idea a bit too far, hers is bigger than my entire apartment! I wouldn't mind tea and macaroons though!

  4. Closets maravillosos....
    Y los zapatos? Quiero todos ahora....
    Lindas imagens..
    bjos floridos

  5. Nena... pero esto es el paraíso!!!!!

    Besos (alucinados ;)

  6. Toronto based? All that black in the wardrobe made me think fellow New Yorker! ;)

  7. What?! Baby! I thougt me and you where like Rock n' Roll?!!

    This would take my breath away, like strangelig type of breath away. Hehe!

  8. Girls! To all, thanks for yoru comments! Now a very important note to my dear Hello Baby: LONG LIVE ROCK 'N' ROLL!!! This is just for those girlie momments that traps me from time to tiem :P LOVEEEE YOUUUUUUU :)